We spoke at the WHO pandemic treaty public participation hearing Session 1 and laid down the law.
The original article claiming the sky is falling and we are all going to die in 5 years was also deleted. Presumably because here we are 5 years later…
HHS Just wrote to say they got IOJ's Freedom Of Information request. Lets see if the DoD was following their own laws which mandate DoD to plan for…
Has this gone too far? The entire globe is still suffering from the COVID-19 Pandemic Failure and now we learn the WHO is a client of the largest…
This humble but proud country does not put up with corruption. Justice is coming for the covid conspiracy next. The first dominoes are falling.
IOJ just flipped the National Child Welfare Agency by red pilling them in front of a judge & forcing them to choose sides. Yes, PANI is with us AGAINST…
IOJ suing FDA and CDC to explain why they are lying the investigational product is safe or effective, and to explain WITH GENUINE EVIDENCE - precisely…
15 days to slow the spread... Or three plus years. More or less. Its a rough estimate!
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Interest of Justice