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There are some of us who give generously to America's Frontline Doctors who are reassessing our gifts. Dr Yeadon doesn't ask for any assistance..... and he is a true Hero!

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I don't know anyone's direct contact in that party but I found this online:

Here is contact info for the party: Zentrale:

Telefon: 030 22023-000

Telefax: 030 22023-009


www.afd.de | facebook.com/alternativefuerde | twitter.com/afd | instagram.com/afd

www.afdkompakt.de | afdkompakt.tv | facebook.com/afdkompakt | twitter.com/afdkompakt | instagram.com/afdkompakt

Sprecher: Tino Chrupalla und Dr. Alice Weidel

I wrote them. I hope this helps. Maybe if enough of us write them, they will put the talk back.

I wrote: "I understand that Mike Yeadon's portion of the talk referenced in the link below has been cut. Unless this is an accident it is not in support of freedom of speech.

Please correct either the technical or ethical error and put the speech back in.

Thank you"

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Vera has not sold out. "Hello Fellow Freedom Loving People,

To say it has been quite a year is an understatement. I first want to thank each of you for your support in our mission to awaken people to an evil agenda. Each of you has made an impact by seeking truth and rejecting blind obedience. Our community has grown significantly because we have demonstrated the power of asserting our freedom for overcoming fear.

The launch of my documentary, Never Again Is Now Global, has opened thousands of eyes to the danger of blind compliance. I continue to receive messages from people all over the world. But millions more need to be reached. We are a very small team in NYC. Until some angels will come forth to help organize a promotional campaign, your sharing of the documentary with friends will continue to be helpful to spread the righteous word.

Currently I'm in the process of filming an additional episode to Never Again Is Now Global because the murderous global agenda has exploded in the Middle East. Most of us are heartbroken about the human casualties and the fomented global hate-mongering propaganda.

The tragedy of Gaza is that an orchestrated global agenda is carried out by corrupt leaders who have betrayed both the Israeli and Palestinian people. Both are victims whose lives are being sacrificed. If humanity is to survive, we must awaken people to the true enemies whose objective is the demise of civilization.

Christine Anderson, an outspoken German politician who uses her pulpit as an elected Member of the European Parliament, to speak out against tyranny, will be in New York City to receive the prestigious award, Most courageous international leader of the year 2023, from the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for her outstanding leadership, dedication, and commitment to speaking truth. On December 1st, Christine will join me in NYC at the screening of the 5th episode of Never Again is Now Global. Afterward, we will be open to a conversation together to discuss how to move forward and actions to take. Maybe we don't all agree, but dialogue is key to breaking these boundaries. Please join us if you are able. (See USA.TrinityProductions.ca for tickets)

News Flash of another Must See Documentary: The Great Taking is David Webb's first documentary based on his shattering book, The Great Taking. (See www.TheGreatTaking.com) This provides insight about the potential, looming, methodically planned financial takedown whose objective is to divest each of us of all our assets.

Children’s Health Defense (See CHD.TV) will launch the premiere on “Saturday night at the movies” on December 9th @ 8pm EST. David's documentary, like mine, is not for profit – it is to raise awareness about the multi-faceted, dark agenda that an evil global oligarchy has planned for our demise.

My thanks to each of you again. Please spread the word in the way only you can. Share our message with people who may have started to suspect the “safe and effective” storyline. They may be open to consider a scenario they may not have been open to consider earlier. Things are changing daily.

Everyday I say to myself, we shall prevail. We will not abdicate our responsibility to assert our human right as free agents. Nothing is more important to fight and protect our family and by extension humankind across the globe.

Never Give In, Never Give Up"



142 West End Ave. - 28P

New York New York 10023


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I like Dr. Yeadon. But I would like to hear him speak out about some of the more difficult topics of our time, like how nanotech and EMF's relate to the jabs, other medications and food products. I guess that puts me in group four.

Even though you didn't mean AFD, people should know that AFD is somewhere between group one and two. Due to their wishy-washy positions, I unsubscribed from them about a year ago.

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Politicians, whether extremist or centrist, are mostly concerned with the "Continuity of government"...and their own positions. Very few will ever rock the boat. They don't have the guts or the integrity to challenge the Status Quo.

Even those like Poilievre, Farage, and Sanders, are merely 'Entertainers' acting as impotent foils for the mainstream.

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WEF's Plan - Klaus Schwab saying we won't need elections anymore.


Comedian Jimmy Dore Video - You’ll Have A Microchip In Your Head And Like It! Says Klaus Schwab

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I would suggest defining an abbreviation or acronym before using it. Ie: Americas Frontline Doctors (AFD)

If there is not enough space in the title, then immediately in the body of the text, do the definition.

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Stay strong, we must win this battle or more of us will suffer ill effects. I am worried for the safely of Reiner Fuellmich. Was he not already cleared of fraud during his Corona investigations. I want to send a letter to the German embassy to state so but I would be grateful of anything you can help with

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If Dr. Yeadon followed a written script of his presentation perhaps he could release it to the public? Perhaps he could record his speech with slides used at the conference. I had this happen to me one time. We held a Press Conference and they censored the presser so we all got together and did a do over of exactly what we covered and said ourselves and released it to the public. There is always more than one way to skin a rat.

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WHO & Gates Unleash Millions of Mosquitos in 12 Unsuspecting Countries, Sarah Westall ■ Activist, Frances Micklem, and former Deputy Minister of Indonesia, Richard Claproth, join the program to discuss the massive mosquito program that has been unleashed in 12 countries. They share what they know about the program and how it is affecting the local residents. We also discuss how the WHO amendments and the full treaty will enable the WHO to implement programs like this one in every member country without your knowledge or consent. You can sign the petition to help stop this insanity at https://forms.gle/r3894kP2HnpRawFRA

Join my newsletter at https://SarahWestall.com

Join my Substack at https://SarahWestall.Substack.com


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“There is no time in history where the people who were censoring speech were the good guys,” - Presidential Candidate Robert F Kennedy, Jr.

I don't agree with RFK about everything, but he's right about this.

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Terrible ■ sorry; I remembered that I would question my mother at the end of abusive family life, that how could a mother allow. But as I have aged, I realized she was the one who slept with my dad. They are a team. M

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Just mind blowing how badly the NWO cabal wants to control populations and our lives...

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If we watch and listen carefully ... those who are hiding in plane sight will eventually expose who they really are. Dr. Yeadon you just exposed some snakes. Just saying. Be Blessed and stay strong.

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Is this the conference where Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi spoke as well? During his speech he cries...Dr Yeadon and him are the same kind of honest, humble, intelligent and authentic men, how is it possible that they would cancel Mike Yeadon???

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