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have signed the notice good luck, have book marked your page

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Thank you for your vigilance and continued dedication to our #StopTheWHO efforts!

I have signed your Notice of Claim and added it to the growing list of action steps after my letter objecting to the IHR amendments:

• “Letter to the US HHS Office of Global Affairs” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-the-us-hhs-office-of-global)

I also added this article to the list of resources and included Interest of Justice in my recommended Substackers to follow as part of our ongoing #StopTheTreaty and #StopTheWHO campaigns in collaboration with the World Council for Health. I will be publishing more articles in the coming months on these topics.

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The lack of duty of care by the WHO representatives is astonishing! Actions speak louder than words, but their words now, are promoting catastrophe for the people of all sovereign nations. We as a people, cannot sit by and allow the WHO to break 💔 our world that we have been given to help heal!

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There has been too much play on restricting people to the spiritual prison space between hope and fear that I am reluctant to buy anything selling either of those.


The tricksters are also great illusionists.

This definitely looks like a diversion.

The game is not over yet.

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